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IACC-SCU is an independent and reliable non profit organization which actively promote and develop economic opportunities to Indonesian-American corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals in conducting business, trade, and investment relations between Indonesia and the United States.


  • Enhancing Indonesian product and service to US market;

  • Partnering with Indonesian investors that have interests to invest and extend their markets in the US;

  • Becoming strategic and technical partner of the Indonesian Government, specifically in promoting and increasing trade and investment;

  • Partnering with US business interests and communities, including Chambers of Commerce, US Government, and City Councils;

  • Facilitating and supporting US business and communities that have interests to invest and extend their markets in Indonesia;

  • Facilitating and supporting Indonesia Diaspora entrepreneurs that have interests to invest in the US and Indonesia;

  • Providing and networking employment / job opportunities for qualified Indonesia Diaspora.


IACC-SCU partners with many businesses within the territory of Consulate General of Indonesia in Houston, covering different industries. We always look forward to expand our membership, so don't hesitate to contact us!

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