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Welcome to IACC-SCU ecosystem!

Below you will find some of our members, contributors, and partners (more to come). 

We invite you to join us.


Visecoach, Everyone Needs a Coach

Visecoach is Indonesia’s first digital coaching platform. Originally developed by Coaching Indonesia Enterprise, the platform enables users who wish to pursue their goals in business, career, and life by partnering with professional coaches online.

Download the app in App Store or Google Play Store to receive 1 FREE coaching session. Visit Visecoach website here for more information.



Rendang & Co is a food business company based in Tulsa, OK. It is founded in 2018 as an importer and distributor of Hikmah Fajar, an instant seasoning paste from Indonesia. The second product imported was the Indonesian Specialty Coffee produced by Kopi Ketjil. In Feb. 8, 2019, it launches the only Indonesian Restaurant in the city of Tulsa, OK, featuring Halal Food.

Visit the Rendang & Co.’s website here and learn more! 


The Ministry’s vision and mission: 

The Working Cabinet has set a vision that must be referred to by the Ministries/Institutions, namely

"The Realization of Food Sovereignty and Welfare of Farmers"

The ministry takes into account the government's vision and considers the problems and challenges faced in agricultural development.

Visit the Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Indonesia’s website here and learn more!


ENERPROGROUP/ENERPROCO are independent oil & gas/energy engineering and technologies leader with extensive expertise in strategic advisory (LNG Engineering, EOR/EGR implementations), petrotechnical training, petro-trading and energy project engineering development to the global energy Industry.

Visit the Enerproco's website here and learn more! 

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Our Vision & Mission

We promote and create high quality child friendly living spaces in order to achieve better quality of life for children as the future generation and build public awareness on the importance of child friendly living space

We develop guidelines and set implementation studies on delivering child friendly living space. To help, assist and work with communities in creating a child friendly living space

Visit the ars86care foundation’s website here and learn more!



Nayantaka Global Forwarding provides reliable door-to-door shipping (more to come).

Visit Nayantaka Global Forwarding's website here for more information


Ardmore CPAs licensed finance professionals offer detailed services to address all aspects of your personal and business needs. Turn to us to sort out complicated tax situations, keep your day-to-day business running smoothly, and help you establish a reliable plan for the future. Move your business forward with skilled consulting and services you can trust.


Visit Ardmore CPAs’ website here to learn more!