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May 20th, 2021 - Houston Tech Rodeo

Tommy Hakim: Connecting the Asia Pacific with Houston

“Born Global” brings together a diverse and vibrant global community to Houston that gives a city myriad opportunities (i.e., aerospace, medical, and energy industries), which translate to abundant resources to interconnected start-up ecosystems. As the town opens to many immigrants who bring with them cultures, food, new skills, and knowledge, Houston will be a natural ecosystem for start-ups.

Tommy Hakim (Rokan USA), Greg Foley (the fervid Group), and Thomas Henry (Eunike Ventures) agreed that aligning goals among Chambers of Commerce and the consulates is crucial in helping to connect many elements that help the start-ups ecosystem thrives.

Many thanks to Asia Pacific panelist who led the discussion; Diane Yoo (Korean born & HX Chair), Tommy Hakim (Indonesian born & CEO of Rokan USA and IACC – SCU communication director), Thomas Henry (Malaysian born & CEO of Eunike Ventures), Greg Foley (Australian born & VP of the FerVid Group), and Sandip Bordoloi (Indian born & Partner at Z Lab Ventures).

Big kudos to prof Sunny Zhang Ph.D (CEO Z Lab Ventures) and “Born Global” initiative team organized this great event! Indonesian American Chamber of Commerce (IACC-SCU) is honored to be part of this “Born Global” initiative.

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Wow, needless to mention, there were 7,250 attendees globally who participated and showed great interest in this venue. IACC-SCU raised the awareness of the Indonesian tech start up environment and got VC's AC's and SC's interested to inquire further about the Indonesian digital talent. Well done, again IACC-SCU.

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